Women in Digital Work Program

This program is a fully subsidised training program for migrant and culturally diverse women who are interested in freelancing or owning a digital business.

What is the Women in Digital Work Program?

Do you want to start your own digital business or earn money online through your skills and passions?

The Women in Digital Work Program is a fully subsidised training program for migrant and culturally and linguistically diverse women who want to explore freelancing or owning a digital business. 

Women in Digital Work Program exists to provide a safe online space to explore the process of starting a digital business, help you to transfer your existing skills into a new way to earn money, and connect with a community of supporters, mentors and other like-minded women 

Apply here by 23 May 2021, 11.59PM  


From the changing job market, to how we find work, and even how we do work – the world is changing quickly This also means that there are opportunities to embrace digital work and bring your business online. 

We also understand that there are unique challenges in the world of digital business and freelancing for migrant and culturally and linguistically diverse women living in Australia 

Whether you have moved to Australia and can’t see how your existing skills are matched to opportunities in Australia. 

…or you are the first in your family to take steps towards earning your own income on your terms,  
…have thought about a different way to earn money using your knowledge, skills and passions  
…you’re looking for networks to help you along the way 
…or even if you feel overwhelmed with what it is that you need to know to take the next step forward. 

We can change that feeling of ‘where do I start?’ with a program that has already answered those questions and shares their expertise with you. 

Thanks to Scanlon Foundation we can offer fully funded positions for the Women in Digital Work Program (running from June 8 – July 20) to walk alongside you in the pathway to digital work and personal growth.   

This is a practical coursefull of value for you as a future freelancer or business owner.  You will learn new things, implement and try-on innovative ideas and be inspired to act throughout your time in the program. 

Read on to find out more, and then express your interest to join this program here. Expressions of interest close on 23 May 2021 and we begin pre course work on 28 May before kicking off the main program on June 8.  If you are interested, be sure to act. 

“An empowered migrant woman can have an impressive impact in our economy and society, all she needs is the knowledge and support to make it happen.” 

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What are we offering as a part of this valuable opportunity?

We have the capacity to support migrant and culturally and linguistically diverse women through the following fully subsidised 6-week program. During the program we will cover.

  1. Getting started so you can get going: The business foundations that you need to know as a business owner to get set up, so that you can get started. From your personal why, to how to get an ABN, will be covered in this session. 
  2. Bringing your business into the digital world: This module will dive into the tech, software and platforms that make the environment that your digital business will operate in. This is all about the new home for your business. 
  3. Clients, customers, and contracts: Now that your business has a home, we can explore who your customer is (is it an individual, a business, or another organisation?) and empower you with what you need to know in scoping a project and dealing with contracts. 
  4. Relationship marketing and promoting yourself:  During this week you will gain an understanding of your values and your business values using the DISC methodology, and how this impacts how you approach money and marketing in your business. We will also dive into pricing and promoting, and how they work together. 
  5. The presence of your digital business in the real world. Building on our third and fourth modules, this week we will extend our explorations around marketing and money mindsets into the online presence of our business in the digital world, and the operations and process that support it. We will revisit social media platforms and tech tools that will be important in your digital business. 
  6. Beyond the foundations of freelancing. Where do we take all of what we have learned to the next level? Do we grow and scale our offering from freelancing to a digital business? Or use the experience to shine on our resume? This is the module where we really explore what this all means in terms of being a sustainable and valuable pathway for your career and work life. 


The Women in Digital Work Program has a focus on:

  • Building Basics: Digital business is different to traditional business many ways, but some of the key building blocks are the same. We will share with you how to create a solid ground to build your digital business on. 
  • Finding Clarity: By showing you how to navigate the online environment and resources, we’ll arm you with the clarity you need to cut through the confusion. A clear road map increases clarity.
  • Gaining Confidence: There is a balance between self-awareness and building confidence in business. We have some great tools and inspired ideas to help you stretch yourself through action and curiosity
  • Keeping Accountable: We are here to say that there are very few ‘accidental’ business owners, but do not worry, we encourage you to lean into commitment, show up consistently and overcome real and perceived obstacles that you may find in your business journey.  


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Key dates and eligibility

Important Dates

3 May 2021: Application form open
23 May 2021 11.59PM: Last day to submit applications
27 May 2021: Successful participants notified. Pre course work will be sent out following acceptance of the participant. 
8 June 2021: Program starts and is delivered online by the SPARK Deakin team
20 July 2021: Program conclusion


Eligibility Criteria

This program is for you if you are:

  • a migrant or culturally and linguistically diverse woman currently based in Australia.  Women of Colour (WOC) and Black and Indigenous People of Colour (BIPOC) are encouraged to apply. 
  • a naturally curious and motivated woman with a willingness to learn. 
  • able to use WhatsApp, have access to a computer or smartphone, and can use the internet then you have the level of tech experience that will help you get the most out of this course. 
  • able to communicate in English, even if you need a little assistance as it isn’t your first language. 
  • You have a skill set that is suitable to bring online.  Maybe it is teaching, data analysis, podcast or video edition, digital marketing, social media management, content creation, website building or something similar. 

If you are curious and motivated then we encourage you to fill out this expression of interest, and we can get the application process underwayPlease feel free to Sehar at sehar.g@deakin.edu.au with any further questions. 

We think that you will want to tell all your friends about when you finish, so maybe you want to share this page with them now, so you can experience the program together.  

If you are an organisation or community group that would love to have a member of our team speak to your community of women, we would love to make that happen! Please reach out to Sehar at sehar.g@deakin.edu.au so we can see how we can best support you to support your community. 

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What can you expect from this program and what do we expect from you?

Rather than a course that is full of information and complex ideas we aim to create an experience for you to lean into learning more about the opportunities and how they could support your individual goals.  
We would love for you to think of the program as: 

..springboard to your next steps, and as a program that could make you hungry for a working life as a freelancer and founder of a digital business. 
..a self-directed learning experience where you will only get out what you put in. The more that you show up, and take the opportunities that are presented, and make the time to consider, reflect on, and action the material that we share the more enriching your experience will be. 
..a space where a two-way exchange of respect, support and encouragement is at the foundation of a community. We know that community is not a one-way relationship of information exchange, and that it is that approach that often leads to overwhelm and inaction. We are building a supportive community together. You are our community. 

In terms of format, a module in any one week may look like any combination of the following: 

  • a guest speaker 
  • actionable worksheet 
  • how tos and guidelines  
  • workshop and interactive learning 
  • tips, tricks, and takeaways 
  • videos to watch and reflect on 
  • Stories and shared experiences from women in the know 
  • Q+A style sessions 
Apply here by 23 May 2021, 11.59PM

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