Startup Ideation Program T2 2021

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Startup Ideation Program T2 2021

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What does entrepreneurship mean to you? 

Entrepreneurship means different things to different people depending on their experiences and the stage they’re at in their entrepreneurial journey. We love to ask our students what entrepreneurship means to them, here’s how they define it:  

  • “When I think of entrepreneurship, I think of innovation and resilience. Someone that is passionate about creating a meaningful life for themselves and growing something from the ground up.”
  • “Entrepreneurship means possessing the ability to create something of great value for a particular group of individuals. Entrepreneurship creates better processes, shifts perspectives, and can further shape societal functions.”
  • “Entrepreneurship to me means thinking outside the box and using a critical and strategic approach to address a problem or offer something that is new and innovative.”
  • “Entrepreneurship to me is the ability to give something new to the world. It is the opportunity and ability to find out what a small idea can give to the world through collaboration of like-minded individuals. Entrepreneurship is like creativity on another scale. To build a idea into a product or service that can bring a fresh perspective for people. “

“If you're determined and want it, you can just go for it”.

Meet our T2 2021 Cohort

Megan Kaiser

Aspiring Difference Maker

Areeb Ijaz


Tiffany Nolan

Game Dev

Nigel McDonald

Game Developer

Isabel Hamilton

Business Student

Theadora Burns

Business rookie

Isaac Leong

Student Entreprenuer

Sanket Gupte

The IT Guru

Cassandra Hooimeyer

Almost-Lawyer & Communicator

Ben McGaw


Khushal Derashri

Creative & Public Speaking Guru

Cooper Zammit

Education Master

David Fisher

Basketball aficionado

David Miliman

Aspiring Entrepreneur