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Answering your Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Do I have to have a business idea to be a part of this program?

The core aim of this program is to develop your entrepreneurial skillsets. This means, we’re focusing on your upskilling you as an individual and you don’t need to already have your own business idea to participate in the program!  In the early weeks, you will learn how to identify problems, which will provide the base knowledge for you to build a business concept.

What happens to the business at the end of the program?

The business idea and work that you have completed belongs to you and the team you’ve worked with. It is up to you as a team how the idea progresses.

Is the program running virtually or in-person?

All workshops and sessions will be held in-person at Deakin Downtown in Melbourne, CBD (Level 12, Collins Square, Tower 2). Both cloud and on-campus students regardless of their home campus are able to take part in this program as long as they are able to attend the sessions at Deakin Downtown. Workshops will not be live-streamed or recorded.

What does SPARK Deakin get out of this?

Our core goal is to create a thriving society of entrepreneurs and innovators. By supporting Deakin university students in developing their entrepreneurial skills, we are getting closer to achieving our goal. We also work alongside the university to improve graduate outcomes by providing opportunities to learn skills you can directly apply in the real world.

Am I eligible for this program?

To check your eligibility in this WIL program, please contact Student Central.

What’s the difference between a WIL Program & a WIL Unit?

The program (Startup Ideation) is where you work on your business.
The unit (determined by your faculty) is where you show your learnings from Startup Ideation.
All assessments are determined by your unit, and if you have any assessment queries, please direct them to your unit chair.


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