Hello! Welcome to the Deakin Startups Podcast. Launching on 27 August, 2020. Listen to the show trailer to hear what we're all about!

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Hello! Welcome to the Deakin Startups Podcast.

If you’re curious about startups and want to learn how to transform your dreams to reality, The Deakin Startups Podcast has got you covered. You’ll get to meet founders and innovators from our community and discover the in-and-outs, challenges and pro-tips from those who have been there before. Get to know your host Daizy Maan and what we’re all about in this intro episode of the series.

Many of these episodes are recorded with a live audience at our fortnightly startup chats. If you’d like to join, please subscribe to our newsletter by heading to our website so you don’t miss out on the next one.

Looking forward to learning, growing, and creating together.

The Deakin Startups Podcast is hosted by Daizy Maan and co-produced by Diletta Legowo & Eleanor Harel at SPARK Deakin, Deakin University, a startup program that’s creating a thriving future built by entrepreneurs and innovators.

The background music in this episode, which you’ll get to hear regularly in future episodes, is by Menachem Engel