The Four Types of Founders with Olga Hogan

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In this episode we’re speaking to Investor Relations Strategist and Business Coach, Olga Hogan, about the Four Types of Founders. Olga introduces us to these founder-types using the DISC framework that facilitates the long-term resilience and perseverance required of a start-up founder. It can also be used by founders to better delegate their roles and responsibilities as well as give them a tool which enables better hires and find co-founders.

When on your entrepreneurial journey, you’re also experiencing a journey of self-discovery; a chance to get to know yourself and understand the way you interact with the world. One way to delve into this is through the DISC methodology and understanding your natural energy.

Before listening to the podcast, you may wish to undertake a quick DISC assessment (free and no sign-up required) on Olga’s website. It takes up to 10 minutes and it will help give you more context while listening to the podcast episode –