Student Life + Entrepreneurship Panel Discussion

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In this episode we discuss student life & entrepreneurship with four members of SPARK Deakin’s community.

Fuzail Ahmed, is a Deakin alumni and entrepreneur with two fine jewellery businesses based in India and globally. He is a SPARK Deakin past ideation student in 2021.

Isabel Hamilton, Startup Ideation past student, and founder of Virgo Nightclub understands that clubs and bars are often designed without the adequate understanding of women’s safety. She is one of the winning pitches for the Startup Ideation T2, 2021 Showcase Event.

Lachlan Carboon was the winning pitch for the student stream of the 2021 Deakin Startup Competition with his startup MOBIT. MOBIT is an application for moderating phone usage that blocks distracting applications during class time, but retains access to useful features, allowing students to feel safe and able to reach their full potential in an academic setting.

Moderating the chat is Sehar Gupta, SPARK Deakin’s own Ideation Project Coordinator who helps manage the Startup Ideation WIL Program and helps the Deakin entrepreneurship community to flourish.

Find out more about their entrepreneur journey and how that connects to their student life.

To follow along with their journeys you can find each of your speakers at the following places:

Fuzail Ahmed: LinkedIn

Isabel Hamilton: LinkedIn, Virgo Nightclub

Lachlan Carboon: LinkedIn, MOBIT website

Sehar Gupta: LinkedIn