Social Enterprises and the Business Model Canvas with Isaac Jeffries

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In this episode we’re speaking to Isaac Jeffries, lead facilitator for SPARK Deakin’s Startup Ideation program. If you’re working in the social impact space, Isaac is your go-to person.

Isaac helps people use businesses to change lives by designing and building social enterprises, both in Australia and in the developing world.

He’s a consultant at The Difference Incubator where he is working with social entrepreneurs who are testing and scaling companies that are solving tough problems.

He also works at another organisation called Business for Development where he designs and builds impactful businesses in the developing world, which lifts families out of extreme poverty.

He has worked with over 451 enterprises and he does some work with us at SPARK Deakin.

He is the Lead Facilitator for SPARK Startup Ideation – a 12 week, work-integrated learning program for current students at Deakin University wanting to learn how to generate, test, develop and pitch new business ideas. Many students end up running a version of their startups after the program has concluded, and we receive consistently high feedback scores each semester.

Make sure to listen until the end of the chat as Isaac has an offer for all our listeners.

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