From Deakin Alumnus to Head of Labs and Startups at LUNA with Josh Sharma

Listen to "From Deakin Alumnus to Head of Labs and Startups at LUNA with Josh Sharma" on Spreaker.

In this episode we’re chatting with Deakin Alumnus and Head of Labs and Startups at LUNA, Josh Sharma. Lawyer turned startup advocate, Josh is also a mentor for SPARK Deakin. In this conversation, Josh connects the dots from his time as a Deakin Uni student to how he came to be working in the startup ecosystem.

We find out:
• What is a startup lawyer and his experience as one
• LUNA Startup Studio, their community and how they help startups launch, grow and scale. They do this through their services including legal, accounting, operations, strategy, investments and their events + programs.
• Early mistakes that startups should avoid
• Key tips and advice for students and early stage entrepreneurs and how they can connect with the startup ecosystem early on and get involved and find relevant experience that helps them get a foot in the door
• Australian ecosystem resources he recommends

Want to learn more about Josh? Check out the Luna Startup Studio website, and their LinkedIn profile

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