Creativity, User-Centred Thinking & Problem Solving with Dan Steen

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In this episode we’re speaking with UX Specialist and creative problem solver, Dan Steen. In this conversation he shares some interesting insights on how you can start taking a user-centred approach to solve problems related to your startup, new exciting idea or your work. He also shares some free tools and resources to help kick-off your UX journey.

Dan is passionate about empowering teams and individuals to solve tough real-world problems. He utilises human centred design, in conjunction with storytelling and technology to make impactful outcomes for users and clients. He is also the co-founder of a startup called FireThrive. In short, he makes shiny things to improve experiences. Beyond this, he makes games, is designing a tiny house and loves to draw and paint.

Want to learn more about Dan? Check out his twitter @DanSteen and website

Please note: This episode was recorded previously, in the midst of Covid lockdown in Melbourne and some events and circumstances mentioned may have since changed.