A chat with Jenny Le, CEO & Co-Founder of Bubble Tea Club

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Join us for a chat with Jenny Le, Co-Founder of Bubble Tea Club – Australia’s leading DIY bubble tea brand. Jenny is also a Deakin alumnus.

In this conversation, Jenny shares valuable insights for founders and budding entrepreneurs.
Jenny will be talking about:

🧋 Starting a business in the middle of a pandemic
🧋 Transitioning from traditional work
🧋 Handling a fast and high growth startup
🧋 Lessons from the coal face (the nitty gritty!)

Within a week of losing their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Pamela Yip and Jenny Le founded the Bubble Tea Club. Their journey started from an idea, ‘imagine if you could easily make bubble tea at home and it tasted as good as the shops without breaking the bank’, to becoming one of Australia’s top bubble tea brands.

Want to know more about Jenny and Bubble Tea Club? Learn more about Jenny and Bubble Tea Club here https://bubbleteaclub.com.au/pages/about-us.

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