Starting at Deakin Uni in 2022 and interested in entrepreneurship? Here’s 3 ways you can dive in.

It’s your first year at Deakin Uni. You want to have a year that matters. Starting university is an important milestone and we understand that it can feel overwhelming. OWeek is only the beginning. Where to next?  

It is important to have a focus. Your first year should be where you build the friendships and connections that will shape the rest of your university experience. It’s also a great time to start setting yourself up for success, get a head start with job readiness, and stand out in the crowd. According to research by the Foundation for Young Australians, more and more employers today demand candidates to possess enterprise skills. Enterprise skills, which are comprised of skills such as critical thinking, creativity, and presentation skills are becoming increasingly required in most job advertisements. Here are 3 ways you can develop them at Deakin. 

1. Surround yourself with a tribe of innovators and changemakers 

You’re curious, and interested in startups, innovation, and entrepreneurial ways of thinking. You want to be around entrepreneurs, innovators, founders and changemakers. A community of friendly, excited, like-minded people who are open to learning and growing. Want to find these people and take charge of your uni path from the very start? 

SPARK Deakin is the home of entrepreneurship at Deakin University. Your introduction to entrepreneurship and connection to like-minded people. Meet problem solvers, connect with motivated changemakers, and support each other regardless of where you are on your entrepreneurial journey. If you’re committed to making a difference, you have come to the right place. A great way to dive in is to attend our talks, workshops, and networking events throughout the year. 

Get involved

2. For early-stage explorers of entrepreneurship and innovation, we offer:

  • Opportunities for you to learn startup principles and the entrepreneur mindset so you can apply them to uni and your career
  • Mentoring to help you build a pathway through your uni journey that connects you with entrepreneurship opportunities on campus and in person, connects you to the startup ecosystem and leads to career pathways
  • An enabling and supportive learning environment to foster an innovative mindset
  • Help for you start a side project or a startup. Take your idea or business to the next level through mentorship, funding, and programs.

3. Explore our signature programs, resources & tools: 

  • Masterclasses, workshops, podcasts and events
  • Free mentoring sessions with inspiring entrepreneurs from across the Australian startup ecosystem
  • Deakin Startup Competition where you can supercharge the growth of your business and put yourself in the running to win cash prizes and more. This pitch competition is designed for Deakin University students, staff, and alumni of all experience levels. This is not your traditional competition — we are all about inspiring creativity and curiosity and so we will be providing 6 beginner-friendly workshops to help you create the perfect submission for the competition. Expressions of interest will open in June. To stay up-to-date, make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter where we will be launching this competition.
  • Startup Ideation in partnership with Deakin University’s Work Integrated Learning program
  • Resources & tools to help you get started on your founder journey
  • Read our blog 
  • Listen to Deakin Startups Podcast series with new episodes currently released weekly

Pathways into jobs & opportunities:

We are all about sharing jobs, internships, scholarships & opportunities from across the Australian startup ecosystem. A peek at some recent roles:
👩🏾‍💻 One Roof | Digital Community Assistant
🌱 Carted | Growth & Operations Associate
🌲 Linktree | Executive Assistant
Click the image below to see current job opportunities and bookmark the page for the future. We update this page weekly.

Can anyone be an entrepreneur? 

Absolutely — and SPARK Deakin is here to guide you at every step of your journey. 

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