Applications are now open (18 October 2021 – 29 November 2021) for T1’s 2022 Spark Deakin Startup Ideation Program, and we want to hear from you

We know what it’s like when you’re just starting out. It can feel overwhelming, but we’re here to help.

Here’s everything you need to know to join T1, 2022’s Startup Ideation Program. 


What is the Startup Ideation Program?

The Startup Ideation Program is an innovative, hands-on internship experience.  

Are you interested in…

building a startup with professional guidance

being taught practical tools to make your ideas come to life?

looking at problems differently to find solutions?

creating solutions that make people’s lives better?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Startup Ideation Program is for you!


In this program, you’ll learn:

how to be a successful entrepreneur;  

how to make a real-world impact with your ideas;

lifelong skills that’ll assist you throughout your career; and that 

you can be the boss, co-founder, or business owner you always wanted to be.

Through the Startup Ideation Program, we help you achieve your dreams. 

Our past interns graduated from the program as startup co-founders, business owners and released revenue-generating products. And you can too.  

We’ve built a supportive and collaborative community that’s focused on guiding you on your entrepreneurial journey and we’re proud of the long-lasting connections that have come out of this program.

But don’t take our word for it. 

See what our past participants have to say.


Hear from our Past Interns 

A rich learning environment

According to Cassandra, she didn’t just benefit from her own engagement with the program. She also gained a lot from witnessing other interns’ growth:

I learnt as much from watching the progress and development of other people’s initiatives as much as I did from my own experience.” – Cassandra Hooimeyer, T1 2021 participant.

Personal discoveries

For Khushal, the program helped him discover a new interest and started him on a path of lifelong learning: 

Thank you for this epic opportunity, it was amazing and I feel it has sparked a passion in me to continue to develop my skills in this space.” – Khushal Derashri, T1 2021 participant. 

A welcoming community 

Meshu felt empowered by the welcoming and supportive space the other interns and teaching team created:

Everybody was so positive, accepting and appreciating.” – Meshu Shah, T1 2020 participant. 


Can I join in?

The Startup Ideation Program is open to Deakin students, and you’re all invited to apply

Whether you’re:

  • learning via cloud or on-campus; 
  • an international or a domestic student; 
  • doing postgraduate or undergraduate studies;

this program is for you. 


Note: It’s your responsibility to ensure that taking a WIL unit contributes towards your course requirements and will not prevent you from meeting your course rules. Please speak with a student advisor at Student Central to discuss your WIL eligibility.

Read more about the program, its calendar and the eligibility criteria here


Am I the right fit?

Interested in the program, but don’t have a business or a business idea yet? Our Startup Ideation Coach, Isaac Jeffies has you covered. 

You don’t need to bring a fully formed idea or a team, just an open mind and a strong work ethic. You’ll learn how to create lots of ideas… then how to turn a good idea into a good business.”


Curious to learn more?

Program duration

It’s an 11-week Work-Integrated-Learning (WIL) Program.  

Program requirements

You’ll need to attend weekly workshops in Deakin Downtown in Melbourne, CBD (Tower 2 Collins Square).

Keen to learn more?

Sign up for our information session that’s happening on November 23.

Want to have a chat?

We’d love to hear from you. 

Drop us an email at or have a 1:1 Calendly chat with our Startup Idea Project Coordinator.


Ready to apply?

Don’t wait until November 29

Apply now to be part of the T1, 2022 intake. 

We can’t wait to hear from you!