We’re honoured to have had the pleasure of hosting 6 inspiring guest speakers to discuss one of Melbourne and Bandung’s shared city challenges — how might we use innovative solutions to make our cities more sustainable and resilient to change?

We hope you were just as inspired and energised as us throughout the session! We also want to take this opportunity thank all 200 of you for attending and our guest speakers for generously take time out of their busy lives to join us.

This event was the second of four sessions that make up the Melbourne Bandung Innovation Series. The series aims to spark discussions about the shared challenges both Melbourne and Bandung (Indonesia) are facing post-pandemic. The events run from March to August, followed by a pitch competition to wrap up the event.

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The highlights

The event was jam-packed with insightful discussions, making it a bit hard to pick only a handful of moments. Nevertheless, here are some of the most interesting quotes and narratives from the Wednesday afternoon.

What is sustainability and resilience anyway?

Resilience and sustainability are complementary concepts: sustainability is the measure of system performance whereas resilience is the means to achieve sustainability during a disturbance.

Vanessa Letizia, Executive Director at the Greeneration Foundation

Melbourne trees have their own email addresses!

The city of Melbourne gave a lot of its trees email addresses so inviting the community to send emails to trees! This has increased the connections and understanding of trees, which has assisted Melbourne to get greater support to continually improve and extend the quality and size of our urban forests which will serve us into the future.

Maree Grenfell, City Resilience and Sustainable Futures Manager at the City of Melbourne

Renewable energy is cheap and our future.

Now, solar energy is the cheapest form of energy in the entire world. We have these incredible new renewable energy assets coming online and in Australia we have 2.2 million power stations sitting in people’s rooms. When we look at this in combination with how many people will be living on a mini grid (1.1B people) — there’s still a billion people without electricity, there’s a billion people with very bad electricity, [and] all of these trajectories push us towards a future that says we need to deliver the cheapest, cleanest and most accessible energy in the world.

Dr. Adam Bumpus, CEO and Co-Founder of RedGrid

The cost of producing of leather to our environmental resources.

Why did we decide to develop a low impact leather? Because we see the negative impacts of the exploitation of animals in the leather industry: 30% of the Earth’s landmass, 50% of potable water, and 18% of all CO2 emissions are all to create leather.

Annisa Wibi, COO and Co-Founder of MYCL | Mycotech Lab

How is AI saving lives within our community?

There is a correlation between rainfall and floods — what AI is really good at doing is finding correlation in data. The AI can tell us whether [a certain amount of rainfall] is going to cause a flood and it can give us advance warning that we otherwise we wouldn’t have. We can then alert people — here’s the area that’s going to be affected, you need to move your car, you need to evacuate, it can help authorities to prepare, and it can help residents to prepare as well.

Timothy Kallady, Founder of Piccard.ai

Indonesia’s energy challenges.

The problem we are solving is energy resilience — our electricity in Indonesia is provided by century old technology from 1882. We get 60 hours of blackouts every year, leading to a loss of around AUD$500 million.

Yulian W. Widodo, CEO and Founder of Khaira Energy


Special thanks to…

We’d like to thank our guest speakers from both Bandung, Indonesia and Melbourne, Australia for speaking about their work and their journey towards making the world a more sustainable place. Learn more about who they are and what they do below:


Maree Grenfell

City Resilience and Sustainable Futures Manager, City of Melbourne




Vanessa Letizia

Executive Director at the Greeneration Foundation



Dr. Adam Bumpus

CEO and Co-Founder of RedGrid



Annisa Wibi 

COO and Co-Founder of MYCL | Mycotech Lab



Timothy Kallady

Founder of Piccard.ai



Yulian W. Widodo

CEO and Founder of Khaira Energy