Be inspired by trailblazing entrepreneurs from Melbourne and Bandung in Indonesia and compete in a pitch competition to win funding and support to take your big idea to the next level.While COVID-19 has closed borders and kept us physically apart, it has also highlighted the many shared challenges we face across countries.Melbourne and the Indonesian city of Bandung are each home to leading universities and thriving communities of entrepreneurs, which puts us in a great position to collaborate, innovate and rapidly respond to change.So we’ve joined forces with Deakin University and Bandung Institute of Technology to inspire and unite big thinkers through a four-part virtual Innovation Series.

Everyone is welcome to attend the interactive webinars, which focus on four shared city challenges:

1. Inclusive entrepreneurship
30 March
How can we better address the entrepreneurship challenges faced by underrepresented groups through solutions that minimise barriers and increase access to opportunities? Register now to hear from Melbourne and Bandung experts who have been paving the way in this arena.

2. Sustainability and resilience
28 April
How can we reduce the environmental impact of our cities and make them more resilient to natural disasters and climate change? This workshop will be presented as part of Melbourne Knowledge Week.

3. Creative approaches to tourism
7 July
How can we reimagine tourism and visitor experiences to reach new audiences and revitalise the tourism industry post-COVID?

4. Public health innovation
4 August
How can we address public health challenges above and beyond COVID-19 by using approaches unearthed during the pandemic into the future?

If you have an innovative idea that could help solve one of the above challenges in Melbourne and Bandung, applications for a pitch competition will open at the end of the final webinar on 4 August.

Participants will have the option to enter one of two streams, depending on whether they have an early-stage concept or an existing solution that they are seeking to market or adapt.

The pitch showcase will take place in the week of 11 October. To find out more about the competition and eligibility, visit Innovation Series.

For more information about the City of Melbourne’s work in this area, visit Startups and innovation and International connections.