If you’re ambitious, curious and committed to making a difference, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether you’re freelancing, starting a side-hustle, a startup or a researcher with brilliant ideas – festival100 or f100 is the event to attend on International Women’s Day.

Be part of an inspiring day where you hear from a range of founders and social impact leaders, build meaningful relationships through facilitated networking and celebrate your ideas.

This event is powered by SPARK Deakin with support from Deakin University Community Bank (DUCB).

As a way of supporting women in our network, we’re offering complimentary access using the promo code ‘FRIENDSOFSPARK’

*full line up of speakers to be announced*

100% proceeds go towards a prize for our new Deakin Startup Competition to be announced in 2021.

Register here via Eventbrite


A conference jam-packed with power and fun

Want to know what’s in store for the day? Download the full program line-up:

Hosted on Hopin

A guide to festival100’s event hosting platform, Hopin by Diletta from the SPARK Deakin team

Hey! This is Diletta, from the SPARK Deakin team and I am the Creative Producer behind festival100. We chose to use Hopin because it’s an awesome event platform that’s designed to make it easy for you to connect with the hosts, speakers, and other attendees. 

In good company

We’re really excited to be joining an awesome list of hosts who have ran virtual events on Hopin.to! Just last week, TechCrunch hosted their Disrupt Conference on Hopin. Other businesses and organisations who have used Hopin include The United Nations, Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Progress Australia, and more (see the full list here).

Uhh, how does this thing work?

Now, we totally get it! Jumping on a new platform can be a bit annoying at first. That’s why I’m here to walk you through it. Simply follow my instructions below:

1. Get a ticket

In order to access festival100, you must register on Eventbrite. After that, you’ll receive a link to claim your Hopin ticket. 

2. Get familiar with the venue

Note: We recommend joining using desktop (Chrome or Firefox). 

I like comparing Hopin to an actual conference centre. You’ve got a reception area, Main Stage, Networking Area, & Session Booths. Check out the map I’ve made below, and you’ll be a pro in no time:

  1. Reception – This is where you will land when you enter the event. It’s like the main lobby of a conference venue. Underneath the event banner, you’ll be able to see some information about the event schedule.
  2. Main Stage – This is where most of the Demo Day magic will be happening. Watch all the action here! You will only be able to see the speakers, however, you can actively participate through the chat function.
  3. Networking – The online venue will open 30-min before the actual event start time so you can test out the Networking feature if you’d like. Simply click here to randomly meet another attendee and have a chat!
  4. Sessions – The interactive Pitchin’ Kitchens will be held at the Sessions area. You’ll be able to share your video and audio to get involved!
  5. Your Profile – OK, this is probably one of the most important event functions. You can update your profile before you join. Add a display picture and information about you so other event-goers can identify you, connect, and learn about what you do! 
  6. Chat  – Use this function to communicate publicly with other event-goers. You can select ‘Event’ to chat with everyone attending or if you are at the Main Stage, simply choose the ‘Stage’ tab so that your message only goes out to other people in the Main Stage.
  7. People – Under this tab, you’ll be able to see all the other event-goers and their profiles. You can also send a direct-message to anyone else at the event and invite them to a 1:1 video call. I know – so cool!

Still not so sure? Watch this attendee walk through video by Dave Schools, the Founder of Hopin.

Having trouble with your Camera + Audio? Troubleshoot here.

Here to help you on the day

I’ll be on duty as Firefighter & Head of Hopin Hospitality at festival100 helping you folks figure out any potential issues you might be encountering on Hopin. Simply hit the ‘People’ tab and look for my name ‘Diletta Legowo’ and slide into my Hopin DM’s (that’s my photo below so I should be easy to spot on Hopin). 


Diletta Legowo