This week we had a chat with Ari Moore a driven, curious and passionate student who  attended The Startup Experience in 2016.

What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about creative innovation, learning from other cultures and religions, ethics, and all things human behaviour.

Why did you apply to attend The Startup Experience?

I applied to attend The Startup Experience to meet other entrepreneurial people, and learn from Henrik’s experiences.

It’s one thing to read blogs and books and another entirely to be surrounded wall-to-wall with that amazing energy of a bunch of strangers who really want to improve the world.

What was the main thing you took away from the experience?

To get your ideas out there, fast! Henrik kept drilling into us to not keep our ‘million dollar ideas’ to ourselves, to go out into the community and test them, talk to people who might have different perspectives and helpful skill sets to complement your own. The whole workshop is like that – very rapid fire, throwing up ideas to your team, constantly talking about your concepts with anyone who’ll listen! It’s extremely collaborative.

As uni students we have a tendency to lock into our own specialised degree and not seek out alternative perspectives; The Startup Experience is the opposite of that

What’s your role at Deakin University?

I’m an undergraduate student majoring in psychology and philosophy, so I’ve never done a single subject related to business or entrepreneurship. But at its core, The Startup Experience is all about people, ideas, and potential – points of interest for any field