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Final Impact Report
Final Impact Report

Update 2022

After six wonderful years building Deakin University’s entrepreneurship program SPARK Deakin this is our final impact report – a reflection on 2020, 2021 and an acknowledgment of all the people involved in SPARK Deakin – current and past.  Moving forward  SPARK Deakin will take a different direction focusing on commercialisation of research. SPARK Deakin has always been powered by a small yet mighty team of dedicated staff, mentors and consultants-  I am deeply grateful for their expertise and service over the last two years and hope this impact report captures the essence of their spirit – generosity.

– Program Manager, Daizy Maan

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For the curious and the courageous in our community

Take a look at what we have in store for our first Deakin Startup Competition.

Designed for Deakin students, staff, and alumni of all experience levels the Deakin Startup Competiton helps you launch your startup or social enterprise with a total prize pool of $25 000 including cash, in-kind credits from Google and Amazon, and other perks. Winners will be announced at a Showcase event in September 2021 and workshops are available to refine your submission and guide you through the process.

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For current students who want to learn about entrepreneurship

Apply for the Startup Ideation Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program. This is not your standard internship. Expect opportunities to challenge yourself to grow.

Even though the application period for T2, 2021 is you can find out more about what is involved, and be ready to apply for T1, 2022.

Startup Ideation

For our innovators and founders in Australia and Indonesia

In 2020 we joined forces with The City of Melbourne and The Greater Hub at the School of Business & Management, Institute of Technology Bandung (Indonesia) to deliver a four-part interactive virtual series addressing some of Melbourne and Bandung’s Shared City Challenges.

We heard from trailblazing entrepreneurs from each city who shared their innovation stories.

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"SPARK has some of the most phenomenal, down to earth entrepreneurs and big thinkers. It sparks a blazing fire in you to find your passion and work at it and I'm so grateful to be a part of this program!"

"SPARK has been a crucial milestone in helping us get where we are today by providing us with mentorship, a phenomenal support network and funding. Moreover, being backed by the SPARK and Deakin University has provided us the necessary credibility and backing for further customer acquisition.”

SPARK Deakin is doing an awesome job with helping students to explore, imagine, create & innovate!