Pitching Resources



a) Describe the typical customer/user and the pain they are currently experiencing   b) Use storytelling to make the jury emotionally connect with the problem


a) Present the unique selling proposition of your product/service (one-liner that makes it clear what value your are offering and how you’re different)                                       b) Very quick demo of the product/service and its key functions (walk us through a use case example)                                                                                                         c) Highlight key benefits and why they are valuable to the user


a) Who are you targeting and why did you choose this segment                                   b) How big is the target market in terms of number of potential users (be realistic) and financial opportunity (revenue potential)                                                                         c) Who are your key competitors and how are you going to beat them

4. Business Model 

a) Revenue model (how are you making money, how much do you charge, what’s the margin)                                                                                                                             b) Go-to-market strategy (how are you going to get the first 100/1,000/10,000 customers)                                                                                                                     c) Milestones: what have you done so far (customer interviewing, pre-selling, testing) and what are you going to do next

5. Team 

a) List team members and core competences and experiences (relevant to your project)   b) List key advisors/mentors and their field of expertise


Slide 1: Vision/Elevator Pitch

Slide 2: The Problem (The problem you solve and who you solve it for)

Slide 3: Your Solution (Your product/service with compelling benefits)

Slide 4: Market Size (TAM, SAM, SOM)

Slide 5: Go to Market Strategy (How you will acquire and retain customers, profitably and at scale)

Slide 6: Traction / Validation  (Proof that your customers/users love your product)

Slide 7: Revenue Model (How your make money)

Slide 8: Team (only highlight relevant experience, build credibility)